In today’s day and age, there’s an increased emphasis on decking locations out with all manner of different bells and whistles—and the cost is passed on to you.  Chances are, if such a lounge seems to emphasize other elements over the shisha itself, they’re trying to downplay an overall lack of quality.  What’s more, all these amenities add up in the end to a bill that’s in no way related to the quality of the hookah and in fact amounts to your being unable to buy large amounts of it due to the inflated price.  The alternative?  Seek out shisha lounges that put the product firs.  That doesn’t mean that you want to go for something that’s utterly bare bones and without any charm or interesting aspects whatsoever—it’s still a lounge, and so a welcoming and ambient atmosphere is still welcome and, frankly, expected in this day and age—but you want to make sure that you’re paying for the product, not pomp and excess.

That being said…

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